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Education & Vocational Training

Education & Vocational Training

Education is the key to make our society and nation stronger. Education is a tool to empower weak and marginalised sections of the society.

We all need education to train our mind and pursue our cherished dreams of becoming whatever we want to. Education helps in raising income, improving health, promoting gender equality, mitigating climate change, and reducing poverty.

Historically and as per convention, Education has been a teacher centric system as opposed to a learner centered orientation, which is not only an obsession with degrees, but also with the stereotypical classroom and a mad rush towards completing the syllabus. This has created a lopsided scenario with Education system churning out armies of graduates looking for white collar jobs (predominantly with the Government).

There is a growing need for skilled and employable manpower across various sectors for gainful employment leading to balance economic development of the country. In view of the changing context of education the emphasis should be on:

  • Primary and Secondary Education- Basic platform
  • Extension of the above education to Skills Development & Vocational Training
  • Narrowing the degree bias and emphasis on certification for special needs
  • Use of technology and new media in imparting instruction
  • Redefining target groups to make education more inclusive

IBD has consistently pushed ahead the process of learning through their several educational initiatives and vocational training & Skill development. IBD provides following services in the field of education in meeting desired objectives:

  • Supply of School Furniture, Text books, Education Aids etc.
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Equipment for Recreational activities & Sports Goods
  • Vocational Training Equipment & kits
  • Building Schools and Technical Institutes