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Lime plant

Lime plant

Lime Plant

APOLLO IBD has entered into new business segment of production of lime plants and its related by-products plants under the agreement with “Terruzzi Fercalx” Technologies from Europe.

“Terruzzi Fercalx” has developed its own innovative Lime Processing Technologies that meet a wide range of the industry requirements and has many key installations operating all over the world, that represents the most updated solutions available in the market as far as the lime process technologies are concerned.

Majority of these plants are either installed or operating in the steelmaking, chemical, paper, sugar, construction sectors,  etc.

Under the agreement, Apollo IBD and Terruzzi Fercalx will share their financial and technological resources to build Lime Plants as per customer’s requirements with the necessary strength to realize plants on complete turnkey basis.

Apollo IBD and Terruzzi Fercalx together can offer following types of lime processing plants and its by-products plants:

  • TFG Single Shaft Lime Kiln
  • Revamping Of Existing Shaft Kilns to the TFG System
  • Annular Shaft Kiln
  • Eco–LimeGasKiln
  • Mixed Feed Shaft Kiln
  • Hydrated Lime Plant
  • Quicklime Grinding and Micronizing Plant
  • TFG Gasification Plants for Coal, Pet coke, MSW, Sludges and Biomass,  etc.
  • PCC Plant (Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Plant)
  • GCC Plant (Ground Calcium Carbonate Plant)
  • Coal Grinding Plant
  • Limestone Preparation Plant