Bridging key demand-supply gap in developing countries

President, IBD

Naveen Kapur is the Whole Time Director of Apollo International Limited (AIL) and President of International Business Division.

Mr. Naveen Kapur graduated in Economics (Hons.) from St. Stephens College and holds Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Faculty of Management studies (FMS) Delhi, Law Degree (LLB) from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. He has also specialised in International Marketing from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi.

Armed with strong educational background, Mr. Naveen Kapur is a veteran in international marketing having learnt the ropes from the "heat and dust" of market place. He has travelled to more than 90 countries where he has built a strong reputation of the company.

As President in AIPL, Mr. Naveen Kapur leads a team of professionals in India and Overseas with different specialisations. His leadership qualities and belief in team building has played a key role in company's growth. He provides complete autonomy to his team thereby earning their loyalty and commitment.

As a mentor to his team, he keeps the entire team focused and aligned towards long term goals. He has inculcated qualities of responsibility, perseverance and drives to succeed with each member of his team and helps them to excel in their respective tasks.